About Judy's Nursery School

Judy's Nursery School was established in 1990. The founder and owner Judy Hines had a vision to create a school where children would learn but have fun doing so. The lower level of her two storey Cape Cod home at 29 Meadowview Drive was unfinished so Judy's Nursery School was created from scratch in this location. The ability to custom build a school led to a school that was built for children from the start instead of a home that was renovated to create a school.
The back of the house is at grade level and the sides are almost at grade level so large windows are installed on 3 sides of the school making the school one of the brightest you will find anywhere. The school measures 30 ft by 40 ft feet or 1,200 sqaure feet in total , so it is very spacious. It includes a custom bathroom built for preschoolers with a vanity that is substantially lower than standard at only 21 inches high so children can access easily. The school has a full kitchen with fridge and stove, even though this is not a requirement for licensing. Throughout the school year children make cookies or muffins for special occasions at the school. The entrance is very spacious and has storage for children's slippers and coats. The yard of the center is totally fenced and includes an elaborate playground that was totally upgraded with over $20,000 worth of new equipment and buildings. The yard has lots of trees and grassed area making it a wonderful natural play area.
The school has undergone many physical changes over the years. The school has always been kept up to date with the latest equipment and supplies. In 2008 the school did major upgrading including new flooring, new equipment and toys and a new $20,000 outdoor playground. The school looks and feels like a brand new school with the latest in everything a child will need to learn.
The school is considered one of metros top preschools. The school has operated with full enrollment since it's inception. It is sought out by parents because of it's reputation for being an excellent learning environment where children have fun each and every day. Many of Bedford and surrounding area teachers have enrolled their children in Judy's. When teachers enroll their children in your school you know you are doing something right.
A child's first exposure to education often sets the tone for how they feel about education their entire lives. If your child attend Judy's this first exposure will be a positive and enjoyable one.