Judy's Nursery School
Note: Our name will soon change to Judy's Early Learning Preschool

" Celebrating Over 20 Years of Educating Bedford and Surrounding Area Preschoolers "

At Judy's we be live smaller is better for young children

A few spaces still are available in this year's programs.
Limited spaces available.
Registration for September 2014 to June 2015 classes will take place January 18, 2014

Call for a private viewing of the school 835-7929 or after hours 489-4663 or email


Judy's Nursery School is located in Bedford, Nova Scotia. Judy's offers half day preschool for children ages 2 1/2 -5 years. Our philosophy is simple.We believe a child's first exposure to education must be a positive and enjoyable one. Children learn through a variety of fun activities and creative play all the skills they will need in school. Most experts agree that the best way to teach preschool age children successfully is by "learning through play". At Judy's this is our approach. This approach has proven very successful since the school opened in 1990. Children have a fun experience but learn everything they need to know to move on to grade primary and a lifetime of learning.
Parents can choose either two or three half day programs or five afternoon a week. Children do not stay for lunch. Generally the children who will attend school the following year will enroll in the three or five day programs and those who will return to preschool will choose the two day a week program. However the parents have the option to choose the program that best suits their needs. The morning programs seem to fill up the fastest so if this is the program of choice you must register early. Judy's does not offer full day childcare or infant care. Children must be at least 30 months old to attend Judy's.
Judy Hines, the director and owner, has been in the child care field since 1981. She has operated Judy's Nursery School since 1990. Judy's Nursery School is considered one of Bedford's best schools.
Judy's is for parents wanting a small school for their children. Many childcare facilities have over 60 children at a time and some parents feel their child will get lost in a large program of that size. At Judy's there are never any more than 14 children at the school at a time and with two teachers giving a ratio of 7 to 1 or less at all times. We believe this small school is better for children under 5 years old that can be uncomfortable in a large school. We also believe it is healthier with less children comes less germs to spread.
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