Judy's Nursery School Parenting Tips

Preparing Your Child for Preschool by Judy Hines
Starting preschool should be a fun and exciting events in your child's young life. You can help make this is a happy experience by doing a few simple things to build your child's enthusiasm and self confidence. Children always feel more comfortable when they know what to expect.
Before your child begins preschool:
- visit the preschool and the playground with your child so they become familiar to him
- drive by to show dad or other family members and build excitement for "my preschool"
- talk enthusiastically about what preschool will be like so they know what to expect. For example, the name of his teacher, anyone he may know in the same class.
- visit the preschool website with your child to view photos of the indoor and outside playspace so they can pick out an activity they look forward to doing when in preschool.
- don't connect stressful things such as toilet training with the preschool. Don\]t say things like "you need to be potty trained if you are going to preschool" or "don't worry you will be fine without mommy for the whole morning".
- make starting preschool an exciting event by shopping together for indoor school shoes and back pack.|
- at Judy's we offer an orientation day for the children to become more familiar with the preschool. Plan on attending with your child to meet the teacher and build excitement for coming to preschool.
. during the first week or so of preschool allow extra time to get ready and out the door in the morning. The more calm things are at home the easier the separation from the parent will be
- always say goodbye to your child when dropping off at the preschool. Don't drag it out. Just do it matter of factly and confidently and the child will do the same. Don't sneak out without saying goodbye.

If you follow the above steps your child's first day of preschool will be much more enjoyable for both your child and you.

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